Modeling of best management practices on North Reelfoot Creek, Tennessee


The Hydrological Simulation Program in FORTRAN (HSPF) was used to evaluate the proposed implementation of various best management practices (BMPs) to reduce erosion and sedimentation. The nonpoint source model, which was previously calibrated and verified, was adjusted to account for changes in model parameters affected by proposed BMP scenarios. BMPs included conversion of cropland to grassland (BMP 1), conservation tillage systems (BMP 9), and reservoir construction (BMP 12). BMP 1 achieved the greatest reduction in watershed erosion and stream sediment loads, while BMP 9 provided only moderate reductions. Construction of three new reservoirs in the 146-km2 basin provided approximately 50% of the reduction in stream sediment loads as BMP 1. The most cost-effective approach was BMP 1.

Publication Title

Water Environment Research