Pretreatment dynamics: Aligning the control authority’s perspective with the industry’s perspective


This paper explains how the Control Authority and the industry view the pretreatment permit program. By identifying common interests, the compliance and permitting process can be beneficial to both parties. This paper presents a comparison of the relative perspectives of Control Authorities (POTWs) and industries in the permitting of industrial discharges to POTWs. The focus is on how each entity views the permitting and compliance process and what each entity expects out of the process. In many instances, although the entities’ views may differ, their interests truly align. The key areas where their interests align and differ will be reviewed. Such areas include: the need for permitting, the legal benefits of permitting, the requirements of permitting, selection of permit parameters, the benefits of compliance, the impact of noncompliance, and enforcement actions. Three case studies are included to illustrate the issues that cities and industries face related to pretreatment dynamics.

Publication Title

87th Annual Water Environment Federation Technical Exhibition and Conference, WEFTEC 2014