A hypermedia system for teaching database design task


The number of commercial object-oriented database systems and object-oriented interfaces to traditional database systems is increasing. To facilitate the process of object-oriented data modelling (OODM) for experts and end-users, a hypermedia system is designed that is able to teach and guide users in performing OODM. The system supports the full range of modelling activities, from the identification of a class and its properties, to the relationships among classes. It provides other important functions, such as error checking of the model, graphical interface and the provision of hypermedia contextual explanations. Hypermedia are effectively used in the system so that the users can learn OODM effectively, as well as perform OODM correctly and quickly. The system has been empirically evaluated to gauge its effectiveness and ease of use. The evaluation suggests that the system will be useful for a OODM training or teaching course, and it can also be an effective computer-based learning tool for selflearning. © 1997 Chapman & Hall.

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Education and Information Technologies