Achieving business goals with gamification: An informational and motivational perspective


There is a business trend to apply gamification principles to work, seeking to motivate people by adding playfulness and game based competition. Much of the current literature on gamification emphasizes the use of game elements and human motivational triggers, but fails to explain how these factors interact. Additionally, the literature lacks a framework explaining how the process of gamification changes participant's behavior towards a business goal. We argue that there is a need to include information use to the process to explain how behaviors are modified through gamification. To fill this gap, we present a framework showing the process of gamification through the interaction of human motivation, game design, and information use. We address how motivational and information factors lead to a desired goal. In this research in progress, we provide an example of a real life gamification application mapped to our framework and outline further steps in this research.

Publication Title

20th Americas Conference on Information Systems, AMCIS 2014

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