Combinatorial test list generation based on Harmony Search Algorithm


Combinatorial test case generation faces a problem on how to reduce the test cases by uncover the unnecessary test cases. So, there is a need for expert applications or strategies that generate the most optimum test cases keeping in mind the most important combinations. Complementing existing work on combinatorial test case generation strategies, also known as t-way testing strategies (i.e., where t represents interaction degree), this paper presents the design and the implementation of a new combinatorial test list generation strategy based on Harmony Search (HS) algorithm, called General T-way Harmony Search-based Strategy (GTHS). HS has been chosen to be the main engine of test generation because it could balance between intensification and diversification. Benchmarking experimental results show that GTHS produces competitive results as compared to other existing well-known optimization-based strategies and provides the support for high combination degrees (i.e., t ≤ 12).

Publication Title

Journal of Ambient Intelligence and Humanized Computing