The impact of supply chain disruption on the closed-loop supply chain configuration profit: a study of sourcing policies


A closed-loop supply chain configuration (CLSCC) encompasses the decisions related to the optimal selection of options at each stage of a closed-loop supply chain (CLSC) for the introduction and reconstruction of new products. The extant literature ignores the impact of supply chain disruptions on CLSCC. An attempt is made to fill this gap in this study. Thus, an integrated multi-sourcing CLSCC optimisation model for new and reconstructed products is developed. The optimisation model presented is a mixed-integer nonlinear programming (MINLP) model. Based on a real-world case study of an auto-parts manufacturer in India presented, a comprehensive set of computational experiments, scenario analyses are conducted. The key finding/observation that resulted from our computational experiments is that multi-sourcing generates higher net present value of total profit compared to single sourcing under the risk of supply chain disruption. Several other observations and managerial insights are drawn from computational experiments, and scenario analyses. Firms interested in configuring their CLSC under the risk of supply chain disruption may use the study's outcomes to understand the profit impact of various CLSCC parameters, individually and in combination.

Publication Title

International Journal of Production Research