Updated GMICE for central and Eastern North America extending to higher intensities


Recent M 3-5 earthquakes near Cushing, Oklahoma, provide observations of intensity up to eight with accompanying ground motions due to close-in acceleration records at distances less than 30 km from the epicenters. Adding these observations to the existing Central and Eastern North America (CENA) ground-motion intensity correlation equation (GMICE) database allows the updating of a CENA GMICE from a linear (below intensity six) relationship to a more accurate bilinear relationship (up to intensity eight). The updating of the CENA GMICE is accomplished using linear regression and residual analysis. The analysis shows that the bilinear transition is fairly broad in the CENA covering one to two intensity units and one or more orders of magnitude in ground motion, depending on regression direction. The new CENA GMICE reduces the overprediction of ground motions from high intensities and the underprediction of intensities at both ends of the observed ground-motion range.

Publication Title

Seismological Research Letters