The retailer's perspective on the link between logistical resources and perceived customer loyalty to manufacturer brands


The objective of this study was to investigate the relationships between logistics and brand-related resources, and assess their impact on the retailer's perceptions of customer loyalty to manufacturer brands. On the basis of theoretical underpinnings of the resource-based view, this study explores the relationships among four main variables: (1) variety of collaborative logistics technologies shared between retailers and manufacturers, (2) manufacturer's logistics operations quality provided to retailers, (3) retailer's brand differentiation orientation, and (4) retailer's perceptions of customers loyalty to manufacturer brands. An online survey was conducted on 313 senior marketing and supply chain managers from retailer firms. The results of the structural equation analysis support a mediated relationship between logistical resources and perceived loyalty to manufacturer brands. The retailers believe that shared logistics technologies enable manufacturers and retailers to offer higher levels of availability and visibility of preferred brands to their end-user customers. In turn, the end-users become more confident with their decisions to repurchase the same brand offerings. © Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals.

Publication Title

Journal of Business Logistics