Together we tango: Value facilitation and customer participation in Airbnb


This study examines the co-creation of customer-perceived value between customers and service providers in the sharing economy setting of Airbnb. Drawing on the service-dominant logic, this study proposes that customer participation and value facilitation by the Airbnb platform and the Airbnb host jointly determine the customer-perceived value, which in turn, affects customer satisfaction with the Airbnb value co-creation process. A two-stage survey was used to collect data via Prolific Academic and the Partial Least Squares method was used to test the hypotheses on 332 valid responses. The results show that customer participation and Airbnb value facilitation have a positive interaction effect on the economic value. Customer participation and host value facilitation have a positive interaction impact on the functional value, emotional value, green value, epistemic value, and ethical value. Furthermore, functional value, economic value, emotional value, social value, and ethical value each have a positive impact on customer satisfaction.

Publication Title

International Journal of Hospitality Management