A cyclical model of motivational constructs in web-based courses


The current study investigates antecedents and outcomes of motivation to learn across nine Web-based courses. The results supported a cyclical model of motivational processes across courses in a training curriculum. Trainees' course expectations had a positive effect on motivation to learn, motivation to learn had a positive effect on trainee reactions, and trainee reactions predicted expectations for subsequent courses in the curriculum. In addition, motivation to learn decreased across the nine courses such that the average level of motivation was 0.30 points lower (on a 5-point scale) for the ninth than the first course. Agreeableness predicted changes in motivation to learn such that motivation decreased at a steeper rate for highly agreeable trainees across courses. The results suggest that there is a dynamic interplay among motivational constructs over time, and motivation should be examined from a systems perspective to understand carryover effects across training courses. © Taylor & Francis Group, LLC.

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Military Psychology