Evaluation of biodegradable adjunctive therapy for extremity wound infection reduction


Advances in surgical techniques, fixation devices, and hemorrhage control have improved functional outcomes in the field of extremity injury treatment. However, infection has become a primary concern, as it can lead to device failure, amputation, or death. Risk of infection may be lowered by local delivery of antibiotics, for which several carrier vehicles are available. Used as an adjunct to currently-used principles of debridement and lavage, local delivery systems have demonstrated efficacy, safety, and convenience for treatment of complex wounds. In this work, differences and modifications of various types of local antibiotic delivery systems are explored. Performance evaluations described are useful in the development of new carriers and in the selection of clinical therapies. Copyright © 2010 ASM International® All rights reserved.

Publication Title

Medical Device Materials V - Proceedings of the Materials and Processes for Medical Devices Conference

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