Left ventricular volume changes after defibrillation


A previous study has shown that the cross-sectional area of the left ventricular cavity (LV) increases immediately after defibrillation, suggesting that the defibrillation shock may cause relaxation. Since a single area slice may not reflect the entire myocardium, we wanted to test the relaxation hypothesis by evaluating volume. Ten to twenty defibrillation shocks were delivered in each of six dogs. A catheter was placed in the LV to measure intraventricular volume (IVV). Ultrasound images of the LV were recorded simultaneously with IVV. LV cavity area increased 13% (p<0.001) and IVV increased 4% (p<0.001) post-shock. Our results confirm that the heart is relaxing after defibrillation.

Publication Title

Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology - Proceedings

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