Lyophilized chitosan sponges


Through the process of lyophilization, porous chitosan structures with sponge-like properties are formed. Controlling processing steps, freezing temperature, chitosan content, and post-processing steps can be used to create degradable drug delivery devices and biomaterial scaffolds. Drugs like antibiotics or growth factors can be easily loaded into pores of chitosan sponges for release into the local microenvironment. Drugs are typically released in a burst response. Compared to nonporous biomaterials, increased surface area and topographical features of lyophilized chitosan sponges allow for cellular attachment, ingrowth, and tissue repair in tissue engineering applications. The physicochemical properties of chitosan also allow for composite blends, conjugation of molecules, and strategies to control degradation rate for specific biomedical applications of lyophilized biomaterials.

Publication Title

Chitosan Based Biomaterials