Mechanical properties of electrospun polylactic acid/polycaprolactone blends for tissue engineering


By varying the ratios of polycaprolactone (PCL) to 100L PLA, we have fabricated bioredible electrospun polymer blends which have more desirable mechanical properties. Polymer blends of 14 w/v% in chloroform, with ratios of 100:0 down through 63:33 100L:PCL by weight have been electrospun (Fibers < 10 microns). Blending results in a gradual decrease in modulus with increasing PCL percentage, for example 182.1 ± 23.4 MPa for pure 100L vs. 35.7 ± 9.82 MPa for 65:35 100L:PCL. The ability to tailor the mechanical properties of an electrospun matrix improves control of compliance characteristics in a bioresorbable material.

Publication Title

Annals of Biomedical Engineering

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