DInSAR techniques for studying the October 23, 2011, Van earthquake (Turkey), and its relationship with neighboring structures


In October 2011 a strong earthquake hit the Van province, Eastern Turkey. Few days later (November 9th) an aftershock occurred few km southward. Finally in November 1976 another mainshock took place north of Van along the Caldiran fault. We have investigated the possible relations between 2011 mainshock and aftershock and the link with the 1976 earthquake. In order to complete the work SAR interferometry has been applied to measure surface displacements, while the fault geometries of the mainshock have been retrieved using a Simulated Annealing approach. Moreover the CFF has been calculated to evaluate the role of 1976 earthquake in promoting the 2011 mainshock and, later on, the role of this latter respect to the aftershock in November 9 th, 2011. © 2012 IEEE.

Publication Title

Proceedings of the 2012 Tyrrhenian Workshop on Advances in Radar and Remote Sensing: From Earth Observation to Homeland Security, TyWRRS 2012