Body-worn fully-passive wireless analog sensors for biopotential measurement through load modulation


Fully-passive wireless and disposable bodysensors are promising for unobtrusive monitoring of physiological signals at natural settings. We present a new type of wireless analog passive sensor (WAPS) based on resistive damping, which can be used for biopotential sensing. The resistive WAPS operates by modulating the amplitudes of the incident RF signal, and composes of a loop antenna, a tuning capacitor, and a MOSFET (an additional biasing resistance is used in one variation). The scanner transmits carrier RF signal at 13:34MHz and the load modulated signal is captured with the signal analyzer. The envelope of the modulated signal correlates with the biopotential being sensed. Both enhancement and depletion MOSFETs are demonstrated, where the earlier demonstrated superior performance. The sensitivity can be as low as 10 mV, suitable for ECG and EMG physiological signal capture. The transmission power were 0 dBm while the co-axial separation between antennas were 21.5 mm. The results show that the proposed WAPS can be used to develop disposable biopotential sensor suitable for body-worn physiological signal monitoring system.

Publication Title

2015 IEEE Topical Conference on Biomedical Wireless Technologies, Networks, and Sensing Systems, BioWireleSS 2015