Bridge foundations supported by EPS geofoam embankments on soft soil


EPS geofoam can be used to support highway bridge structures without the aid of deep foundations. The development of this technology is important to accelerate construction on soft compressible soil. EPS geofoam allows for the rapid construction of bridge foundations on such soils without the time and cost involved in installing traditional foundations. Because EPS geofoam is an extremely light weight fill, it can be used to avoid settlement impacts at bridge approaches. In Norway, bridges have been directly supported by EPS geofoam. Norwegian Public Roads Administration has pioneered this application for a few bridges underlain by soft, clayey deposit where the bridge structure rest solely on EPS geofoam blocks. Investigating bridge foundations supported by EPS geofoam embankments is a joint effort starting summer 2013 between the University of Utah, University of Memphis and Norwegian Public Roads Administration. This paper will include some tasks and conceptual design that address development of performance goals, design criteria, material testing, prototype analyses, numerical modeling and constructability of this innovative bridge support system.

Publication Title

10th International Conference on Geosynthetics, ICG 2014

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