Changing the paradigm of power in the classroom to teach, promote, and evaluate leadership training within an existing Civil Engineering curriculum


This project evolved out of three years' worth of data from junior/senior-level engineering majors who completed both pre and post-semester surveys asking them to rate their perceptions of preparation and training in a variety of areas. Not surprisingly, the majority of students reported that they believed they were well prepared in the technical realm, and many also reported that they were becoming more prepared in the area of technical communications. Surprisingly, though, many of the students also indicated that they hoped to acquire leadership/management training experience before graduating. In response to this student feedback, we took the following actions: first, we extended the survey questions to include students from a second population in order to determine if the perceived deficiency was a local issue or more of a regional issue; next, five engineering educators from two universities collaborated to design opportunities to promote leadership/management activities within the existing curriculum. Our research reports the details of our findings, presents a series of exercises easily incorporated into existing courses, and also includes a metric for evaluation and assessment of these new strategies.

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ASEE Annual Conference Proceedings

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