Evolutionary seismic design for optimal performance


The chapter provides an overview of optimal structural design procedures for seismic performance. Structural analysis and design for earthquake effects is an evolving area of science; many design philosophies and concepts have been proposed, investigated, and practiced in the past three decades. The chapter briefly introduces some of these advancements first, as their understanding is essential in a successful application of optimal seismic design for performance. An emerging trend in seismic design for optimal performance is speculated next. Finally, a state-of-the-art application of evolutionary algorithms in probabilistic performance-based seismic design of steel moment frame buildings is described through an example. In order to follow the concepts of this chapter, the reader is assumed equipped with a basic knowledge of structural mechanics, dynamics of structures, and design optimizations. © 2007, Idea Group Inc.

Publication Title

Intelligent Computational Paradigms in Earthquake Engineering