Ground motion and site specific studies for bridges in West Tennessee


This paper describes the methods and results of a research project to produce a set of acceleration contour maps to be used in the design of Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT) facilities. The investigation is composed of three major tasks: (1) develop procedures to generate horizontal bedrock motions in West Tennessee from a seismologically based model. The model must include the effects of attenuation, characteristics of the source zone, recurrence interval (500 and 2500 years), and seismotectonic setting of the region, (2) perform seismic field investigation to determine the dynamic properties of soil in West Tennessee, and (3) propagate the soft bedrock motion through the layered soil deposits using the computer program SHAKE to determine the earthquake motions at the ground surface of a site. Methods employed and the results are discussed and described in this paper. © 2004 ASCE.

Publication Title

Structures - A Structural Engineering Odyssey, Structures 2001 - Proceedings of the 2001 Structures Congress and Exposition