Ground motion site amplification factors for sites located within the Mississippi embayment with consideration of deep soil deposits


In this study, site amplification factors for the deep soil deposits of the Mississippi embayment are computed using a nonlinear site response analysis program first to develop a model for nonlinear soil response for possible use by ground motion developers and second to address site amplification estimation. The effects of geology, sediment depth, and average shear wave velocity at the upper 30 m of soil ranging 180-800m/s, as well as the effect of peak ground acceleration at the bedrock on nonlinear ground motion amplification for the upper embayment, are investigated. The site response computations cover various site conditions, sediment depth of 70-750 m, and peak acceleration of input rock motions of 0.01-0.90 g. The amplification (or de-amplification) at various frequencies implied by the sediment depth is greater than that implied just by site classification of the top 30 m of soil.

Publication Title

Earthquake Spectra