A high Schottky barrier between Ni and S-passivated n-type Si(1 0 0) surface


By minimizing surface states with sulfur passivation, a record-high Schottky barrier is achieved with nickel on n-type Si(1 0 0) surface. Capacitance-voltage measurements yield a flat-band barrier height of 0.97 eV. Activation-energy and current-voltage measurements indicate ∼0.2-eV lower barriers for the Ni/Si(1 0 0) junction. These results accompany a previously-reported record-high Schottky barrier of 1.1 eV between aluminum and S-passivated p-type Si(1 0 0) surface. The operation of these metal/Si(1 0 0) junctions changes from majority-carrier conduction, i.e., a Schottky junction, to minority-carrier conduction, i.e., a p-n junction, with the increase in barrier height from 0.97 eV to 1.1 eV. Temperature-dependent current-voltage measurements reveal that the Ni/S-passivated n-type Si(1 0 0) junction is stable up to 110 °C. © 2008 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

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Solid-State Electronics