Analysis of a device for single pixel terahertz imaging


Terahertz imaging currently is done using single pixel imagers mechanically scanned over the field of view. Focal planes will reduce the need for mechanical scanning but are still under development. In the 70s, Jacobs [1][2], et. al., proposed and demonstrated a device for millimeter wave imaging using a single pixel. The device obviated the need for large mechanical scanning mechanisms by using an optically scanned bulk semiconductor in a resonant structure. In this research, a device of this type is analyzed for suitability as an element in a terahertz or sub-millimeter wave imager. The device is simulated under simultaneous illumination from a coherent RF source and a coherent optical source (a laser). A computational electromagnetic model of the device is described. Device and system performance metrics are defined and predicted performance presented. Finally design of a system incorporating this device is discussed.

Publication Title

Proceedings of SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering