Augmentation of Power Quality of Grid-Connected Wind Generator by Fuzzy Logic Controlled TSC


This paper proposes a fuzzy logic controlled thyristor switched capacitor (TSC) to improve the power quality of a hybrid network system consisting of one wind generator and two conventional synchronous generators. The performance of the proposed method is compared with that of the Proportional-Integral-Derivative (PID) controlled TSC. The effectiveness of the proposed method is evaluated by considering both balanced and unbalanced permanent faults in the system. Moreover, in order to demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed approach, the voltage index associated with the point of common coupling (PCC) of the power network has been used. In addition, the power quality in terms of harmonic distortion has been evaluated at the PCC for both synchronous generators and wind generator. Simulations have been performed by using the Matlab/Simulink software. From the simulation results, it is clear that the proposed fuzzy logic controlled TSC method is effective in improving the power quality of the hybrid network system. In addition, the proposed fuzzy logic controlled TSC performs better than the conventional PID controlled TSC.

Publication Title

Proceedings of the IEEE Power Engineering Society Transmission and Distribution Conference