Electrodeposition of Co-Al alloys of different composition from the AlCl3-BPC-CoCl2 room temperature molten salt


Cobalt-aluminum alloys of different composition (up to 60 at.% Al) were electrodeposited onto a copper cathode by the pulse current method from 2:1 (mole ratio) aluminum chloride-N-(n-butyl)pyridinium chloride (BPC) melt saturated with cobalt(II) chloride at room temperature. The overall cathodic reaction of cobalt(II) ions in the CoCl2 saturated 2:1 AlCl3-BPC melt is Co2+ + 2e- → Co, and the deposition reaction mechanisms were discussed. The magnetic properties of the deposited Co-Al alloys have been investigated. The magnetic polarization of the Co-Al alloys at high fields decreases with the increase in aluminum content and with the formation of nonferromagnetic phases, such as intermetallic compounds, in the deposited layers. The cathodic current efficiency for the alloy deposition was about 98%. © 1997 Elsevier Science Ltd. All rights reserved.

Publication Title

Electrochimica Acta