Fault ride through capability improvement of DFIG based wind farm by fuzzy logic controlled parallel resonance fault current limiter


Doubly fed induction generator (DFIG) based wind farms offer some distinct advantages, but their vulnerable nature to grid fault is problematic for the stable operation of power systems with higher wind power penetration. Fault ride through (FRT) capability is a requirement imposed through the grid codes to ensure stable power system operation. A fuzzy logic controlled parallel resonance fault current limiter (FLC-PRFCL) is proposed to aid the DFIG based wind farms to achieve improved FRT capability. To check the effectiveness of the proposed FLC-PRFCL, temporary symmetric and asymmetric faults were applied to the multi-machine system, to which a DFIG based wind farm is connected. The performance of the proposed FLC-PRFCL was compared with that of the crowbar, the bridge-type fault current limiter (BFCL) and conventional proportional-integral (PI) control based PRFCL (PI-PRFCL). Simulations were performed using the Matlab/Simulink software. It was found that the proposed FLC-PRFCL is an effective device for FRT capability improvement of the DFIG based wind farm. Moreover, the proposed FLC-PRFCL outperforms the crowbar, the BFCL, and the PI-PRFCL.

Publication Title

Electric Power Systems Research