Intercalation of γ-zirconium phosphate benzenephosphonate by primary amines


γ-Zirconium phosphate benzenephosphonate [ γ-ZrPO4 (H2PO4) 0.33 (C6H5PO2OH)0.67.2H2O abbreviated as γ-ZrPBP] having a layered structure can be intercalated with primary amines (n-C3 - C16). The compositions of the intercalates have been determined by the thermal analysis and nitrogen estimation. The interlayer distances of the hydrated and anhydrous intercalates have been determined. Useful results have been tabulated. The interlayer distance of the anhydrous intercalates increases linearly with the number of carbon atom in the primary amines but an odd-even effect is observed.

Publication Title

Indian Journal of Chemical Technology

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