Interfacing micro-/nano-scale biological and abiological materials for bio/abio hybrid systems


The emergence of a micro- and nano-scale bio/abio hybrid technology that makes use of the advantages of both micro-/nano-scale biological and abiological materials is evident, owing to the unique properties of biological micro-/nano-materials, such as DNA, proteins and cells, as well as those of abiological materials, such as carbon nanotubes (CNTs) and nanoparticles. However, the major challenges for making this merger feasible are integration and interfacing of the bio- and abio-materials. We are investigating the realization of the bio/abio hybrid systems to address this issue through developing (a) a micro flagellar motor based self-powered micro-actuator (μFMA), (b) a micro flagellar motor based AC dynamo (μFMD), and (c) a DNA-based CNT wire (DNA/NTW) nanosensor. This paper discusses our efforts to understand and develop the nanoscale interfaces of bio- and abio-components, i.e. flagellum-substrate and DNA-CNT, to achieve the next generation bio/abio hybrid engineered systems.

Publication Title

Proceedings - Electrochemical Society

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