Leaching of non-treated ilmenite by HCl-CH3OH-H2O mixture and its kinetics


The effect of the addition of methanol to leachant hydrochloric acid on the dissolution of non-treated ilmenite has been investigated. The kinetics of the dissolution processes have also been investigated. The dissolution of ilmenite is enhanced by the addition of little amount of methanol in hydrochloric acid. The leaching with 6 M HCl -0.5 M CH3OH-H2O mixture at 110°C and solid to liquid ratio (S/L) of 0.02 g/mL results in the dissolution of 91% Ti and 95% Fe compared to dissolutions of 53.5% Ti and 60% Fe in 6 M HCl alone. Decrease in leaching temperature and HCl concentration and increase in S/L ratio result in decrease in the extent of dissolution percentages. The kinetics of dissolution have been investigated by measuring the dependences of rate of dissolution on HCl concentration and temperature of leaching. The values of activation energy have been evaluated from the temperature dependence rate data. The kinetic data could be fitted to the Shrinking Core model of dissolution.

Publication Title

Indian Journal of Chemical Technology

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