Lyapunov Function Controlled Parallel Resonance Fault Current Limiter for Transient Stability Enhancement of Power System


In this paper, a Lyapunov function control based parallel resonance type fault current limiter (PRFCL) is proposed to enhance the transient stability of the multimachine power system. The proposed controller is unique in the sense that it offers global stability, voltage and current feedbacks in the controller loops. The performance of the proposed Lyapunov function controlled PRFCL is compared with that of a previously proposed static nonlinear controlled PRFCL. The detailed controller design, analysis, and stability investigations are carried out for the IEEE 39 bus power system by the MATLAB/SIMULINK environment. From the simulation results and different quantifying parameters, it has been deduced that the proposed Lyapunov function controlled PRFCL is effective in improving the transient stability of the power system, and also it performs better than the static nonlinear controlled PRFCL.

Publication Title

2018 North American Power Symposium, NAPS 2018