Minimization of negative effects of time delay in smart grid system


Time delay has adverse effects on control systems in an electric power grid. This paper analyzes the time delay issues, and deals with the minimization of negative effects of time delays in smart gird system. The prediction method has been used to minimize the negative effects of time delay. The OPRT (optimal reclosing time) method to reclose circuit breakers are considered. 30ms and 300ms communication delays have been considered. The effectiveness of the proposed method has been tested in the IEEE nine-bus power system model. Both balanced and unbalanced permanent faults are considered. Simulations are performed using Matlab/Simulink software. The performance of the system considering time delays with and without the predictor has been compared. From the simulation results, it is shown that the proposed predictor performs well in minimizing the negative effects of time delays, and that the prediction method works more efficiently for a smaller time delay. © 2013 IEEE.

Publication Title

Conference Proceedings - IEEE SOUTHEASTCON