Modeling and characterization of cloth at sub-millimeter wavelengths


A primary source of "clutter" in sub-millimeter wave and terahertz imagery used in security applications is the random reflections from clothing. In this paper, techniques for modeling and characterizing these reflections are described. This work is motivated and, in part, based on previous work done in support of imaging radar for remote sensing. A first order model of the response of a cloth covered object is described along with a method for performing measurements on draped cloth. The measurement method involves the simultaneous measurement of the sub-millimeter wave response of the cloth and the underlying drape of the cloth. A rigorous model of the scattering from draped cloth is developed and compared with results from the first order model. Conclusions regarding the suitability of the first order model for image simulation and performance predictions are stated.

Publication Title

Proceedings of SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering