Dipping structure under Dourbes, Belgium, determined by receiver function modeling and inversion


Teleseismic broadband P and S waves recorded at the NARS station NE06 (Dourbes, Belgium) are shown to exhibit strong anomalous particle motion not attributable to instrument miscalibration or malfunction. Ray theory for three-dimensionally dipping interfaces is employed to compute the P-wave response. A dipping crustal model that is consistent with both the observed waveforms and results of previous local geophysical surveys has been determined. The results suggest a large velocity contrast in the shallow structure near the surface, another major interface at a depth of 12 km with dip of 10°, and a seismically transport unit below the interface. The interface at a depth of 12 km reportedly emerges at the Midi fault 50 km north of the station NE06. -from Authors

Publication Title

Bulletin - Seismological Society of America

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