An integrated study of crustal structure and regional wave propagation for southeastern Missouri


C. A. Langston


Teleseismic receiver function analysis and published refraction studies are used to infer the existence of first-order discontinuities within the crust and mantle of the Ozark uplift at the Incorporated Research Institutions in Seismology (IRIS) station Cathedral Cave, Missouri (CCM). This information is then used to study the nature of regional wave propagation from the New Madrid seismic zone to CCM across the Ozark Dome to interpret broadband seismograms written by small events. Receiver function inversion indicates a crust 40km thick characterized by smooth-velocity gradients down to the Moho. Modeling broadband waveforms from small local and regional events shows great promise in determining source parameters and inferring details of crustal and upper mantle structure. However, lateral heteroegeneity in velocity structure will remain one of the principal obstacles to overcome. -from Author

Publication Title

Bulletin - Seismological Society of America

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