Body-to-surface-wave scattered energy in teleseismic coda observed at the NORESS seismic array


Teleseismic data recorded at the NORESS seismic array are examined to determine the degree and scale of lithospheric heterogeneities beneath the array and to locate local scattering sources. Frequency-wavenumber analysis shows that most of the teleseismic coda is vertically propagating. The window centered near 15 sec, however, contains energy traveling to the northeast at a low apparent velocity. Particle motions in this window follow a retrograde elliptical pattern characteristic of Rayleigh surface waves. The scattering source presumed to be responsible for the observed body-to-surface-wave scattered energy is Lake Mjosa located approximately 30 km west-southwest of the array. -from Authors

Publication Title

Bulletin - Seismological Society of America

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