Physico-mechanical properties of basalt bricks


Basalt is produced as a by-product at quarries of Abu-Zaabal near Cairo, Egypt. This waste has actually no significant value and is known as altered basalt. During the gradual advance of the quarry surface, the cost of the removal of the altered basalt in addition to the space problem led to consideration of utilizing this material. The possibility of using weathered basalt waste from basalt quarries in the manufacture of bricks was investigated. The quality of the altered basalt was determined by means of chemical analysis and DTA, TG, and XRD techniques. Samples made from ground altered basalt were formed into a compactmass in a one-inch cylindrical mould and fired at 800, 900, 1000, 1050 and 1100°C for 2 h soaking time. The physico-mechanical and ceramic properties of the fired samples were tested. Some selected fired samples were examined byXRD as well as SEM techniques. The results show that good ceramic properties were produced at a firing temperature of 1050°C.

Publication Title

InterCeram: International Ceramic Review

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