Moment tensor inversion of the 1983 January 17 Kefallinia event of Ionian islands (Greece)


The source parameters of the recent 1983 January 17 Ionian island event are obtained by the inversion of body waves. An optimum source depth of 8 km is determined and the source parameters of the major double couple are: strike = 60°, dip = 47°, rake = 174° and seismic moment M0= 7.3 × 1025 dyne cm. This mechanism implies a strike‐slip dextral fault with a small thrust component. This solution ascertains the existence of a transform fault connecting the northwestern edge of the Hellenic are with the compressional zone which is produced by the collision of the Apulian plate with the Eurasian plate along the Adriatic‐north Ionian coast. This right lateral strike‐slip fault probably terminates the Hellenic subduction zone. Copyright © 1991, Wiley Blackwell. All rights reserved

Publication Title

Geophysical Journal International