Relative nutritional efficacy of arginine and ornithine salts of α- ketoisocaproic acid in traumatized rats


The relative dietary efficacy of arginine α-ketoisocaproate (AKIC) and ornithine α-ketoisocaproate (OKIC) is evaluated in a rat (Sprague-Dawley) trauma (bilateral femur fracture) model. Both control and traumatized rats were starved for 2 d and then pair-fed for 2 or 4 d one of three liquid diets: diet 1 was a basic casein diet; diets 2 and 3 were the basic diet in which 10% of nitrogen was replaced by AKIC or OKIC nitrogen, respectively. Irrespective of the diet, the protein-efficiency ratio, defined as the gain in body weight per grams nitrogen consumed, was 27% less in traumatized rats than in control rats. More improvement in apparent nitrogen balance, particularly in traumatized rats, was seen with the AKIC supplement. Plasma amino acid patterns demonstrated stimulation of net protein synthesis with AKIC and not with OKIC. Dietary supplementation with AKIC may be beneficial to promote nitrogen economy in trauma victims.

Publication Title

American Journal of Clinical Nutrition