Sizing of Energy Storage System for Power Restoration in Different Types of Islanded Microgrid Aided by Load-Characterization and Modeling


We have shown a method to size Energy Storage Systems (ESSs) to be used for service restoration in a facility-microgrid or group of microgrids aided by modeling and characterizing of the microgrid-loads. Appropriate sizing of ESS is crucial to ensure successful service restoration, prior to retransfer of loads to the utility or main power source. In this paper, the load behavior of an islanded microgrid during different stages of power restoration has been modeled to estimate the capacity of the ESS. For estimating the power and energy requirement for the restoration process, we considered a soft-restart method instead of the conventional top-down approach or, a conventional bottom-up restoration approach of power restoration. We have characterized different facilities by the percentage of motor loads vs the non-motor loads within the facility. The method can serve as a valuable tool during initial stages of ESS sizing and microgrid design.

Publication Title

2018 IEEE Energy Conversion Congress and Exposition, ECCE 2018