Static learning particle swarm optimization with enhanced exploration and exploitation using adaptive swarm size


In this paper, a novel Static Learning (SL) strategy to adaptively vary swarm size has been proposed and integrated with Particle Swarm Optimization algorithm. Besides, the whole population has been divided into two sub swarms, where particles of different sub swarms interact within their neighbourhood and the existence of better particle is determined by evaluating its survival probability. Proper resource based particle replacement scheme and a linear chaotic term has also been included to ensure preservation of diversity of the swarm. In addition, the PSO algorithm is divided into two phases, with relevant algorithmic modification for each phase. The first phase is assigned to focus solely on better exploration of the search space. The second phase focuses on better utilization of the explored information. The proposed Static Learning Particle Swarm Optimization with Enhanced Exploration and Exploitation using Adaptive Swarm Size (SLPSO) algorithm is tested on a set of shifted and rotated benchmark problems and compared with six other recent state-of-the-art PSO algorithms. The proposed (SLPSO) algorithm demonstrates superior performance over other PSO variants.

Publication Title

2016 IEEE Congress on Evolutionary Computation, CEC 2016