A WKBJ spectral method for computation of SV synthetic seismograms in a cylindrically symmetric medium


Summary. A method of synthetic seismogram computation for teleseismic SV‐waves is developed in order to treat quantitatively SV‐waves in problems of body wave source inversion and source—receiver structure studies. The method employs WKBJ theory for a generalized ray in a vertically inhomogeneous half‐space and the propagator matrix technique for waves in near‐surface homogeneous layers. Wavenumber integration is done along the real axis of the wavenumber plane and anelasticity is included by using complex velocity in all regions of the earth model. The near‐surface source structure is taken into account in the computation for the case of the shallow source by allowing a point source to be located in the homogeneous layers. Source and receiver area structures are also allowed to differ. A general moment tensor point source is considered. Copyright © 1985, Wiley Blackwell. All rights reserved

Publication Title

Geophysical Journal of the Royal Astronomical Society