Kinematic analysis of strong motion P and SV waves from the Sterling event ( Mississippi).


P and SV velocity waveforms from the Sterling explosion of December 3, 1966, are analyzed from a point of veiw often taken in earthquake source studies. The detonation occurred in the cavity excavated by the Salmon explosion within the Tatum salt dome, Mississippi. Velocity recordings taken from nearby borehole strong motion instruments show the occurrence of significant SV energy (Perret, 1968a, b). Kinematic source models are constructed by considering constraints afforded by the preshot cavity, condition of the surrounding material, and aspects of the P and SV waveforms such as wave polarity and duration. Waveforms for these models are computed and compared directly with the data. Modeling results suggest that the SV waves were radiated primarily by induced normal faulting occurring beneath the cavity rather than by an asymmetric pressure distribution based on the preshot cavity geometry.-Author

Publication Title

Journal of Geophysical Research