A higher-order shell model applied to shells with mixed boundary conditions


By means of the principle of virtual work, the governing equations together with the required boundary conditions of a higher-order shear deformation theory are formulated for the analysis of laminated shells under static loads. A system of 31 first-order partial differential equations is performed for the determination of stress resultants and displacement components. These equations are then solved numerically, utilizing the generalized differential quadrature method for two isotropic cylindrical panels with equal arc length but different radii having S2-type simply supported boundary conditions. The results matched those of other theories. Another analysis is carried out for composite cylindrical panels with two lamination schemes, five different mixed boundary conditions, and two length-to-thickness ratios. The results are compared against solutions obtained from ANSYS finite-element software.

Publication Title

Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part C: Journal of Mechanical Engineering Science