Post fabrication thermomechanical processing of additive manufactured metals: A review


In this review paper, studies involving process combinations between metal additive manufacturing (MAM) and post-MAM metal forming are reviewed to provide a summary of recent trends, applications, and challenges involved in hybrid (a combination of MAM and metal forming) manufacturing. Unlimited design flexibility, mass customization, reduction of expensive forming steps and material waste, production of dense metal parts at reduced manufacturing costs and time are the significant benefits offered by hybrid manufacturing (additive + conventional). Applicable thermomechanical processing (TMP), e.g. isothermal forging, hot rolling, hot extrusion, how and when they should be performed, and their impact on the evolution of structure and property of the additively manufactured parts is focused particularly. Extensive discussions on the microstructure and mechanical properties of additive manufactured preforms upon the application of TMP are carried out which impact the application ranges of these parts in the first place. Overall, this paper provides an attentive overview of the characterization of the material and process relationship combining material and manufacturing knowledge to optimize the right process for the right application that will serve as a benchmark for future research and development in manufacturing of metallic components with the combined effort of MAM and metal forming.

Publication Title

Journal of Manufacturing Processes