Preflight prediction and optimization of a reduced gravity experiment to investigate magnetic positive positioning of lox


Simulation of magnetic positive positioning of propellants (MP 3) in full-scale applications depends on the ability to model the shape and strength of the magnetic fields required to induce fluid flow. A previous effort to integrate an electromagnetic field and incompressible fluid flow model yielded a unique tool that can be used to predict fluid motion induced by a magnetic field. The enhanced computational simulation is used to predict an optimal configuration for an upcoming flight experiment focused on studying the influence of a magnetic field on LOX in reduced gravity. Simulations of magnetic positive positioning of LOX are presented and the influence of the magnetic field and background acceleration on the settling time is investigated to determine an appropriate tank and liquid configuration to induce successful reorientation during the flight experiment. Variations in the magnet thickness, LOX tank size, background acceleration, and LOX tank fill are considered to predict the optimal experiment design. The magnetic Bond number and a dimensionless reorientation time are utilized as correlating parameters for this study and may be useful in future efforts to relate magnetically induced flows for small-scale experiments to the behavior of propellants in full-size systems.

Publication Title

43rd AIAA Aerospace Sciences Meeting and Exhibit - Meeting Papers

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