Recrystallization behavior and texture evolution during hot deformation of extruded ZK60 magnesium


Hot compression tests were conducted on the as-extruded ZK60 magnesium alloy in both extrusion and transverse directions (ED and TD, respectively). Cylindrical samples with the length-to-diameter ratio of 1.5 were compressed using the Gleeble® 3500 thermal-mechanical simulation testing system to the final true strain of ϵ=1.0. Deformation temperature was varied in the range of 300-450°C and the true strain rate ranged between 0.001-1.0s-1. The obtained processing maps, constructed for both directions indicated that the most favorable DRX domain lays over all the strain rates at 450°C. Investigation of the optical microstructure and texture of the ED samples showed that hot deformation at 450°C led to DRX and texture randomization in the material. However, for TD samples, high strain rate deformation at 450°C resulted in an intensified texture. For the lowest strain rate, deformation of TD samples at 450°C led to a similar texture to the as-extruded material.

Publication Title

Materials Science and Technology Conference and Exhibition 2016, MS and T 2016

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