Scalable generation of high concentration aerosol in the size range of 0.1–10 μm from commercial powders using ultrasonic dispersion


In this article, we describe an improvement of the ultrasonic aerosol generator published by Pokharel et al. (Aerosol Science and Technology 53(3): 321–331) to extend the aerosol number concentration achievable from [Formula presented] to [Formula presented] from commercially available TiO2 powder. We demonstrate the scalability of the ultrasonic aerosol generation by using multiple ultrasonic transducers to increase the stability and concentration of the aerosol output. Using three ultrasonic transducers, aerosol concentrations in the range of [Formula presented] from raw TiO2 powder and [Formula presented] for milled powder were generated. The mass concentration of particles >0.3μm is of the order of [Formula presented]. The superior dispersibility of the milled powder compared to raw powder is explained based on the coating of ultrafine particles on the surface of fine and coarse powder particles. The conclusions derived herein are supported with upper bound estimates of number concentration and size distribution of aerosols.

Publication Title

Powder Technology