Strain rate and tempertaure effects on the mechanical properties and tensile stress-strain behavior of a nanocomposite with functionalized carbon nanofibers


The effects of functionalized carbon nanofiber addition on mechanical properties and behavior of vinyl ester polymer composites under tensile loading are discussed. Temperature and strain rate effects on tensile properties of these nanocomposites are also discussed. Tensile strength and modulus were found to increase linearly with the log of strain rate, and decrease linearly with increasing temperature. Addition of 0.5 wt% functionalized carbon nanofibers did not significantly increase tensile strength and ductility of the material; however, there was a maximum increase of 19% in tensile modulus of elasticity. Ramberg-Osgood and Menges models were used and extended to describe the strain rate and temperature dependency of the stress-strain behavior. The extended Menges model provided better representation of the observed behavior compared to the Ramberg-Osgood model, for a wide range of temperatures and strain rates. Mechanical properties obtained from flexure tests are also presented and compared to tensile data.

Publication Title

International SAMPE Symposium and Exhibition (Proceedings)

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