Tensile, creep and fatigue behaviours of short fibre reinforced polymer composites at elevated temperatures: A literature survey


Polymer composites are suitable alternatives to metals in some applications as they are cost effective, lightweight and corrosion resistant. Short fibre reinforced polymer composites (SFRPCs) are typically subjected to complex loadings in applications, including static, cyclic, thermal and their combinations. These applications may also involve harsh environmental conditions such as elevated temperature and moisture which can dramatically affect mechanical properties. In this paper, a broad survey of the literature on mechanical behaviour of SFRPCs at elevated temperatures is presented. The mechanical behaviours included consist of tensile, creep, isothermal fatigue, thermo-mechanical fatigue and creep-fatigue interaction. Environmental effects such as moisture and ageing at elevated temperatures are also included. The studies reviewed include experimental works, modelling works and failure mechanisms studies. A critical assessment of the information from the literature presented for each type of behaviour is also provided.

Publication Title

Fatigue and Fracture of Engineering Materials and Structures