Thermal conductivity measurements of ceramic fiber insulation materials


Ceramic fiber insulation materials, such as Fiberfrax and Min-K products, are used in a number of applications (e.g. aerospace, fire protection, and military) for their stability and performance in extreme conditions. However, the thermal properties of these materials have not been thoroughly characterized for many of the conditions that they will be exposed to, such as high temperatures and pressures. This complicates the design of systems using these insulations as the uncertainty in the thermal properties is high. In this study, the thermal conductivity of three ceramic fiber insulations, Fiberfrax T-30LR laminate, Fiberfrax 970-H paper, and Min-K TE1400 board, was measured as a function of atmospheric temperature and compression. Measurements were taken using the transient plane source technique. The results of this study are compared against three published data sets.

Publication Title

Proceedings of the Thermal and Fluids Engineering Summer Conference